Alternatives - Community Life For People With Disabilities

Real Homes. Real Jobs. Real Relationships.

Thanks to the help and support of Alternatives, hundreds of Central Massachusetts residents with psychiatric or developmental disabilities are leading full and successful lives within their communities. Our 35-year-old organization’s staff and volunteers are committed to offering not just superior services, but real opportunities for people in need, including many who were formerly institutionalized.

What can be more real than a home that feels safe and familiar, a satisfying and purposeful job, and companions who share similar interests? Alternatives provides the necessary skills and support for people to achieve these basic human desires. Currently, we serve more than 2,000 individuals inĀ 60 programs in the region, helping them to start each day with a personalized plan for improving their lives. It’s as personal as it can get.

To better accomplish our goals, we engage the participation of our local communities in order to foster a shared sense of community spirit among people of all abilities.

Think Spring!
Think Valley Friendship Tour!


Our 30th Anniversary Tour is just a few months away and we’re SO excited!

For the first time, you’ll be walking, jogging or biking through the country’s
newest National Park – our beautiful and historic Blackstone Valley!

“It’s a Fun Day for a Great Cause!”
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Community Life Profiles

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    Auntie Gail. That's Gail Hisoire's new title in the Rutz household. More

  • Everett Adams

    "This job has really helped him to develop a sense of self-confidence, purpose and to be more responsible in general." More