Alternatives - Community Life For People With Disabilities

Developmental Disability Services

Alternatives provides a wide scope of services for adults with developmental disabilities. These services address their need for a pleasant and secure home life, for meaningful daily pursuits, for active community participation and for relationships that sustain and fulfill them.

Our caring staff works hard to help people realize their hopes and dreams and reach their full potential. Our practical approach to this aim includes assistance in setting goals based on their preferences and needs as well as teaching and reinforcing critical life skills. Additionally, we seek to create challenging, yet balanced, program structures and activities that encourage personal growth. Our goal is also to create multiple opportunities for community involvement and relationship building.

We also ensure that services are both superior and appropriate through daily program monitoring by on-site managers and by regular evaluation through our internal Quality Improvement and Human Rights processes. Our programs consistently earn high ratings from state licensing and national accreditation organizations.

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